Corrupted Files

Architectural Desktoop 2004

I file all my work under individual folders per client's name. Each job is named in these folders.

Recently, 2 of the client folders have become corrupted. Every time I attempt to open a file from ADT via File>Open and navigate to these folders I get the following message and Autocad shuts down:

"Runtime error! Program:...ogram File\Autodesk Architectural Desk 2004\acad.exe abnormal program termination"

The files can be opened via Start>Explore with no problem. None of the other

46 client files cause this error.

Thinking the main folders might be the problem, I created new folders and copied all the drawings into them. Should I have been surprised? It didn't work.

Suggestions will be appreciated.

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George B
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Any suggestion is worth a try. Changing the name of each file would take a while but if it works, great.

Copying each drawing into a new one won't do because of the extensive use of layouts and x-refs - I think - or am I wrong here?

Maybe e-transmit (formerly pack-n-go) is a solution. Oh my goodness, I just suggested a lot of work for myself!

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George B

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