Strange LSP Files being Copied Issue

A copany I help out at has a strange problem that, hopefully, someone here may
have an answer for.
When they open a drawing (Acad 2004 and 2006, an acad.lsp and acadiso.lin file
are being copied from somewhere into BOTH the common Lisp folder on their
server and into the current drawing folder that the user is working in.
The problem is, that it is over writing their current acad.lsp file on the
server and dis-abling a lot of normal functions such as pop-ups for xrefing.
I have no idea where the file is coming from.
They do not have a Server version of Acad. Just common Acad folders on the
server that all machines point to (ie: common symbols, lisp routines, menu,
etc.). This has been functioning as if very fine for years. Just this sudden
I've never seen or heard of this. And all machines appear to have the same
path settings (as they always have had).
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Mr. B
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I would be looking for a script rather than a LISP.
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Michael Bulatovich
Hmmm... worth taking a look at.
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Mr. B

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