strange MIG wire feeding/operation issue

Just recntly switch to an other brand or mig wire and ran across some
weird feeding issue.
when the wire exits the tip of the gun (during welding), it tends to
wobble or point to random direction, there for making the bead look
installed new contact tip .030
wie ERS70-6,
standard mig wire.
Electrode stick out is 3/8-1/2 "
wire .030" solid mig
machine millermatic 210
setting 4/60
gas C25flowing 25 CF/H
I normaly run hobart brand in the past and never had this problem
what can cause such thing?
all setting used were the same, ran out of the hobart brand, stopped
welding and slammed on this new wire "US Steel " continued.welding.
can it be some junk wire?
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acrobat ants
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could be the helix is different, it wants to point in a different direction due to the curvature built into the wire. Maybe the spool needs to face the other way (label in or out).
acrobat ants wrote:
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Robert Ball
I will try to reverse the spool, but it seems un normal upside down
I've always ran it this way O____ also it goes throug a 12 foot gun/liner, you would think it qould unwind by then.
The wire (sticout) tends to roam in random direction.
the only thing I see different on the labes is HEAT , Hobart is 1585 this one is 1404, but it could be brand related rating
the brand is "US forge" .
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acrobat ants
"acrobat ants" wrote: (clip) when the wire exits the tip of the gun (during welding), it tends to wobble or point to random direction, (clip) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Is there any wire left on the spool you just took off? Have you tried to see what happens if you put it back? How about the wire diameter? Suggest checking with a mike to see whether it is undersize. Is it possible that when you threaded the new wire you accidentally pushed in a little lint or dirt, causing the wire to stall and buckle a little bit?
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Leo Lichtman
found the problem , the wire diam is inconsistent, I pulled the fingers along a fresh wire and I can feel increasing and decreasing in diam. the wire it self may be wisted on its axis.
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acrobat ants
The problem is in the wire that have endured many deformation when it has been constructed too much pulled change the coil and all it will go to place. acrobat ants ha scritto:
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I hear ya.......just like with everything else. it is likely made at the same facility...(or not) I noticed that the hobart and the "US Steel" has identical plastic spools, by that I mean exacly the same markings on the platic. wires that pass quality check, gets slaped with a known brand label, wires that come off the line as bad run, or fail quality control may get an off brand label and gets sold for less$$
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acrobat ants

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