Conversion of VISIO (vsd) files into DWG files

My client give me some architectural layouts in VISIO 2000 (vsd) format.
Because I can draw with ACAD software only, and totally ignorant in VISIO.
I can open those architectural layout with our VISIO software, and hoping
that it is just a simple "SAVE AS" operation into my old familiar dwg file.
But unfortuately, it is not as simple as a "SAVE AS".
What is the best way to convert those VISIO format files into my old
familiar DWG file which can be easily editiable ?? Or other method of
works ???
Your help & advice is much appreciated.
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Mr. LAU Chi-Ming
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Doesn't Visio save as .dxf?
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In my version of Visio (2002 Professional), there is a "save as AutoCAD" format. It produces DWG files. If yours won't do it, I would be willing to convert the files for you if you want. Send me an email, the address is good.
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Visio 2002 saves as DWG, DXF and, for the Microstation types, DGN. I don't believe the older ones did though.
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