DWG log files & current_session.pro

I previously used 2000i & upgraded to WF2.0, and when I export to .dwg ,
ProE creates "filename_dwg__out.log" and a "current_session.pro" file.
I have it mapkeyed to export to another directory other than the working
one, but I don't know if that even matters.
It is just extra work for me to delete these files now. How do I export
without creating these? 2000i didn't have this.
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Jason L
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Jason, the export log just let's you know if there were any error during the export creation. As for the current_session config.pr you shouldn't have to do anything to it
Yah you'll have to delete the log file, but they aren't a bad thing t
have in case an export fails
Hope this helps, Glenn |B
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