Creating Shapes and adding them to dwg files ...

Hello !!!
I have a problem with shapes and my own linetypes. I have created linetype,
using shape (semicircle) and number inside the line. It looked like
hat: ---C ---1---C ---1---
And I wanted to plot a map, where I used that kind of lines.
At my own computer I had these files in folder: AutoCAD LT 98:
a) myown.shp
b) myown.shx
c) myown.lin
I could plot this map with lines with no problems. I have copied this map to
my friend's computer and didn't have files like: myown.shp myown.shx
And I ploted this map from his computer, and I could see the lines but
without shapes. I guess - it was becauoss of lack of shp and shx file. This
line looked like that:
--- ---1--- ---1---
My question is:
is it possible to connect a dwg file with shapes used in that draw? Will
that help? What can help in that situation. I DO NOT WANT to copy these
files: myown.shp myown.shx myown.lin - to my friend's computer. It would
help-I'm sure. But I do not want to do that.
HELP me PLEASE. Give me some hints or full sollution.
marek g.
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The only way know is by providing the line support files you don't want to put on his PC!
It's so easy to give him a disc with these files, so why don't you want to give them to him ?
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You could *ADD* your shape to his/her shp file and recompile it into a new shx. Other than that, you are stuck.
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Michael Bulatovich

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