How to CREATE my own more complicated LINETYPE ?

Hello !!!
I would like to create my own linetype in AutoCad. I can do it using alct.*
file, but there I can do not so complicated linetypes: for
example: ---K---K---K---.
I would like to draw complitated line, then save it as linetype, and then
use as my own line type. I tried one time in Cad 2000 using help in Cad but
it didn't work. How to do it?
I have Autocad 98LT at work, and Cad 2000 (full version) at home. Can I do
it in 98LT or 2000?
Give me please full - step by step instruction, how to do it ...
Thank You very very much for any help ...
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If you have Express Tools use MKLTYPE. Express Help is clear on how to do it.
Otherwise I think I found a lisp routine to do it once, but I also think it didn't work.
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Open and read your customization guide - it's all in there
do it using alct.*
linetype, and then
using help in Cad but
at home. Can I do
it ...
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