Problems with wheels and zoom in AutoCad 98 LT.

Hello All !!!
I have AuoCad98 LT and have problem with wheel and zoom. When I want to zoom
VERY fast an Object in AutoCad using to this purpose a mouse-wheel, Autocad
behave like that: zoom in, zoom out. And I see the object not zoomed. I use
the mouse-wheel as zoom (not as pan).
In Cad 2000 this problem doesn't exist.
Mouse is new and on other computer this mous works correctly. So this is not
hardware problem.
I can't change version of AutoCad, becouse this is my job-version. At home I
have ver. 2000.
What can I do? Is there an option to solve this problem or any file (patch),
which corrects that problem?
Thanks for help
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