Zoom problem - Versions 2001 up thru 2006

When working along, at random times, all of a sudden I lose the
ability to use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out..... rolling it only
moves the drawing vertically.
Saving the file, shutting down, restarting, loading the drawing file
again, and zooming to extents gets me back to a working zoom wheel,
but there must be a better solution.
Anyone know a setting to fix this or perhaps a command fix to make it
work again without going through all these steps?
dan l
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simply remove it and use standard WIN driver for mouse.
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Have you checked the value of MBUTTONPAN?
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Michael Bulatovich
I've seen it often (on other's workstations). I don't know what the cause is and I've never really bothered because it didn't affect me. :-)
I NEVER repeat I NEVER use the mouse wheel to pan and zoom.
I use both hands for Autocad, the left hand hits z for zoom or p for pan so unconsciously and easily. If you haven't yet, create an one character alias for each of those commands. Then turn off mbuttonpan (0). I can zoom in to the exact window I want instead of multiple wheelmouse zooms and panning to centre on the item I want - saves time.
Now I set the middle button to the osnap menu - again a huge time saver instead of hunting for a stupid osnap icon. I'm a faster drafter using the keyboard/mouse this way than using the mouse to do everything. Preset osnaps can only carry you so far - I have to switch them off occasionally and that's where the osnap menu comes in so much more conveniently. Plus the computer doesn't have to waste time calculating all those osnap points!
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Did you turn off the scrollbars?
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Thanks for all the suggestions folks. I just tried setting mbuttonpan to 0, see if that helps.
Been using acad since version 2.6, and was amazed when autodesk came out with the mousewheel zoom... it increased my efficiency a lot. I've also used Mstation, but don't really care for it for architectural dwgs.
So there is no refresh of the screen command, eh? hmm... well, I'll see if this mbuttonpan command helps.
thanks again.....
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