File recovery problem

I made a big mistake.
because of a certain file i was on i changed the save time to 120 so i
wouldn't be hassled ever 5 min with my standard save time.
however now there is a file that autocad cannot recover, and i don't have a
temporary file, and my backup file is to old.
is there any other way of recovering an autocad drawing without autocad?
thanks guys
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Adam B
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Yes. Know anyone with Intellicad? It will often open an Autocad file that Autocad will not. Did it just yesterday.
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Don't make a second mistake, before you use anything to recover / fix the file make a copy and recover the copy.
Its worth keeping even a damaged file as a virgin copy. this way you get to try a number of different ways to load.
You should be able to download INtelliCAD Free from if they have updated the expire date past the end of September.
If not send me the file and I will have a go for you.
Alan ( Cadalot)
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What version are you running?
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Michael Bulatovich
thanks guys, but after my brief panic attach i calmed down and hit google.
i found a reference from the
formatting link
website to try additional steps, such as inserting the corrupt drawing into a blank drawing, or using the dxfout/in command.
as well as other steps.
to make a long story short, i fix the corrupt file (aduit, once i got it to work found 151 errors and fixed them)
now i made a macro to audit the file before it saves [^c^c_aduit;y;save;] now it checks and cleans the drawing before every save (never can be to safe)
however thanks for the "intellcad" post i'll giver a go if i get stuck again
rockon guys! thanks again
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Adam B

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