How can I open an AutoCAD backup file?

Because an internal error, I lost an AutoCAD drawing, however, I have a
backup file, but I cann't open it. I have tried everything that I know
wihtout results.
Somebody can help me?
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Andy Larry
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Rename it from .bak to .dwg
Andy Larry wrote:
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If you have set Acad to save automatically every few minutes, you will find the latest saved file with an extension such as *.sv$. It might be called$,$ and so on. Those files are frequently found in the windows/temp directory.
Change the .sv$ to .dwg and you should be able to open it. That file will be the last one saved automatically and, if you set Acad to save every 5 minutes, then you have lost only 5 minutes work time.
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Brian Salt
Yes, but I have R14, so cannot comment specifically on versions above that!
The important bit is the extension .sv$. Search for that and they can be found :-)
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Brian Salt

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