.shx file missing?

Such a case: i bouhgt a.dxf file with urban plan of a piece of my town.
First time i tried opening it all worked [it was april :)].
Now, when i want open the file AUTOCAD 2005 PL [polish version] asks me
twice about "ksztalt.shx" file ["ksztalt" means "shape" in polish].
I've tried reinstalling AUTOCAD and searching the file everywhere :| - i
found nothing.
Someone can help? This .dxf file has about 1 MB size.
Plz help or suggest something, it is urgent case
Sorry for my english :)
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So the first time you opened the file, it did not ask you for this shape file, but now it does?
First you need to establish whether this .shx file is a "shape" file (by AutoCAD's definition) or a font file. When you start up AutoCAD, check the value of the sysvar FONTALT. If it's blank, set it to a known font, like "simplex.shx"
Now reopen the DXF, if it still complains about the missing .shx, then it's looking for an embedded shape file. Since it did not ask you the first time you opened the drawing, then either you HAD this file then, or the DXF was modified to require this file now.
Depending on the anwser to that should tell you where to start searching for this SHX file.
Have you tried the PURGE command? If you purge whatever is referencing this shape (maybe a linetype), then you can purge the shape also.
Another option is to edit the DXF file (assuming it's not a binary DXF), to remove the shape reference, but this requires some knowledge of the file format, and what is referencing the shape.
If you know someone with full blown AutoCAD, get him the file and download Superpurge
formatting link
to "hard purge" the shape out.
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