Dell Laptops

I'm looking to buy a Dell Laptop to run CAD
Can anyone out there give some feedback on Dells?
Suggestions for Min Spec & Mid Spec as I don't want to spend as much
as the absolute top end.
Obviously I have to fill the thing full of RAM, and Min 60 GBytes Hard
Disk but what else ?
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If you're going to do work on it for any length of time, get a NumPad!
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Michael Bulatovich
I actually got my home mobile CAD station from, but use only Dells at work. So, try to get best video card they offer, after a few hours behind the screen, you will appreciate this. Stay away from the celeron processors. They are good for home, but too stretched for CAD, especially newer versions of CAD. The bigger the screen, the happier you will be, unless you are actually planning to dock it. Memory and hard drive space are a big thing. Get the fastest processor you are capable of buying. It will be nice in the response time and will extend the life of your machine. (how long you will be able to use it). Good luck.
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I stopped buying Dells. Most of the ones we had suffered a major malfunction within the typical three years of service. I've since switched to Winbook. After two years, I had to send one back for a dead HDD. We have over 10 of them now. Keep in mind that laptops tend to be less reliable than a tower and is still quite a bit more expensive for the equivelent power.
Don't worry much about high end video unless you play games on it. AutoCAD don't need it. Enough memory is most important to AutoCAD or the computer will become slow and unstable no matter how fast the cpu is. -S
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