Fanuc Robots using IGS file

Has anyone been able to download an IGS file to a Fanuc robot, and have the robot move to dimensions from the file?

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Hi Wiggy,

To do that you need the Fanuc robot programmer which is an off-line software on a remote PC. It is not possible to direclty program a robot from an IGS file, with the teach pendant fro example.

This is actually an open problem in robotics that we are dealing with in terms of a research project with a client that is very interested about it. To do that, you need a preprocessor that will read the IGS files and determine its shapes and features, then you need a second step where the the 3D models are laeding to a process model from which you compute task paths, like they do for CNC machines. Then, the program is dowloaded into the robot controller memory.

There is a project who tried to do that and is called the Flexpaint and this was mainly developpped in Vienna, Austria. They show success for smooth, convex and simple objects.

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Not possible for direct-to-controller IGES import to path. You must use

3rd-party offline programming software. There are several out there, here is one of my favorites for power, flexibility, and ease-of-use:
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