centre lines for circles and axes

Hello All,
I was wondering how other people go about drawing centre lines which cross
eacher (ie as for circles) but which also lay on a common centre line (ie
circles are in line with each other ).
How do you adjust the horizontal centre line such that it crosses the
vertical centre lines of all the circles at a solid part of both vertical
and horizontal line?
I have been experimenting with line type scale, braking the horizontal line
etc., but would like to know of any easier quicker ways.
Richard Fox
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Richard Fox
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Better to not try to get acad to be this fussy, and adapt your methods to it IMHO. Mark the centers with a cross, for example.
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Michael Bulatovich
Thanks Micheal
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Richard Fox
On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 07:59:52 GMT, "Richard Fox"
If I correctly understand what you are saying...
From a perspective of drafting standards (ANSI etc, ) the cross hairs that define the center point of a circle are not center lines. Autocad Mechanical actually draws the lines in the center of the circles as LINETYPE CONTINUOUS.
The lines that show that circles share a common X or Y value or the 4 lines drawn around the circle crosshairs are EXTENSION LINES not CENTER LINES and should be shown as LINETYPE CONTINUOUS.
LINETYPE CENTER is to be used to describe the centerline (midline) of something; a shaft, a road, a hole in side view (hidden axis of the hole) or the midplane of a part. Intended to describe symmetry about that line or in the case of the hole in side view the axis of the hole
If in the case that the circles share the centerline (as in cross drilled shaft) then the extension line is shown as LINETYPE CENTER but the crosshairs remain LINETYPE CONTINUOUS.
There are lisp routines around that will draw the crosshairs for you.
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