Frustrated with CUI file

Hi all...
I would appreciate any advise or enlightenment.
using customization interface I created a new cui file.
I created a new menu called options, and a submenu called A
I then created several commands
apply and ok
Did the same with submenu B
all works well
Created submenu C
created commands for it.
(same as with A and B)
apply and ok (same as with A & B)
selected the pull down menu and A and B are there, but C and the commands
under C are not.
Any clue as to what I'm doing wrong?
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jojo a écrit :
CUI 2006 interface, even with latest service pack, doesn't work fine. I ve made many tests, showing that results are not sure. Like many autocad friends, i still use mns/mnu file to customize, then i load it using menuload command, it's the better way to be sure it works.
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