scroll mouse and autocad 2000

Hello all,

we recently bought a second logitech optical wheel mouse, works great with autocad 2002.....

but autocad 2000 reacts kind of strange.....

when i scroll the mouse i usually zoom + and -

and when i push the wheelbutton usually you can pan a drawing..... it pan's, but to the oposit direction as usuall and not as fluently (glibly??) i used.

Does anyone have any options to change???

Greetings Sander

ps. sorry for my bad english?? but I can read dutch:-)

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Have you checked the variable MBUTTONPAN ? It should be 1.

Also check the mouse config. in windows, it's fussy.


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Don Weaver

go to control panel mouse settings and make sure your middle mouse button is set to "middle button" you can also try to update your mouse driver I think this issue has been resolved.

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