Reformatted....Cad 2000, Logitech Mx1000 Mouse and Pan Problem...Help Please

Good Morning...
I reformatted my computer and reinstalled AutoCAD 2000. I am also using a
Logitedch MX1000 mouse, and have installed Setpoint 4.0 software. In the
software control panel, I've set the mouse scrollwheel to "middle button" to
allow me to pan. Unfortunately, when in Autocad, instead of panning, when I
click on the scroll wheel, it "clicks" the drawing to the right. Instead
of a smooth pan, it shifts the drawing to the right in small increments. I
also have mbuttonpan set to 1 in AutoCAD, and the zoom function works fine.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as it's driving me batty...
Thanks in advance...
PS...everything worked fine prior to the reformat with the same software and
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Dave St. Onge
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You need to go into the Logitech software, find the tab or setting for prorgam specific settings and point the program to your acad.exe file. Then within those program specific settings you should be able to set your mouse to do what you want in AutoCAD. If you downloaded Logitech's latest and greatest mouse software the functionality may have changed.
The caviat is I don't use Logitech mice because I have found in the past they don't support this functionality quite as well as other devices. The only mouse I use is a Microsoft Intellipoint Optical (wired) because it ALWAYS lets me set the functions I want. I set middle button to auto-scroll, that gives me the pan and zoom I need in AutoCAD. I set the left side button to F8 so I can turn ortho on and off with my thumb. Other people swear by Logitech mice, but my experience is they don't always play well with AutoCAD.
Daryl Stockton
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Set the middle button to "middle button" in your LOGITECH software. And next time by a Microsoft Optical Intellimouse (wired) like Daryl says.
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Bill DeShawn

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