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I have the academic version of solid edge v12. With my old pc(G-Force

2MX), there was no problem with my mouse. It was just a little bit slow. My new pc(ATI Radeon 9800xxl) ist faster, but I can't see the mouse in solid edge. And when you want to draw a line, you can see the line just when you move it. Otherwise it's invisible. Where do these problems come from, and what can I do to change it? Thanks in advance!
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Dennis Hanfland
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This is a group for SolidWorks, so my answer may not apply. But when we tried running SW with a Radeon card, we got flakey results - things disappearing, etc. So, it certainly could be your card. Do you have an option to turn on software OGL? That might give you a clue.


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Wayne Tiffany

The issue is with your video card. Radeons are designed/optomized for consumer GAMES, not proffessional CAD applications. ATI Radeon drivers are notoriously lousy when it comes to CAD.

For Solid Edge, SolidWorks, ProE, or the like, you should use video cards designed for such programs like an ATI Fire GL or nVidia Quadro (but not a Quadro NVS). This will take care of your issues.

Alternatively, it may be possible to hack the drivers for your Radeon to make it think it is actually a Fire GL. See

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for details on how to do this. HOWEVER, IMO, the hack is not worth the effort. It is easier and better to just get the right video card in the first place.

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First thing that I would do is to find the SolidEdge group and ask them.

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Jeff Parker

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