I am using a Logitech MX-700 cordless optical mouse and SWX 2008 SP0. I have what is called Smart Move in the mouse enabled, this makes the cursor jump to the dialog boxes automatically, saving wrist movement. The problem, when working in drawings if I hit the Dimension icon, the cursor jumps to the lower left corner of the screen. I then have to move it back to the area I want to dimension, after I place the dimension the cursor jumps again back to the lower left corner. It does this for every dimension, WHAT A PAIN IN MY WRIST(?). If I disable the Smart Move function then the dimension menu works as it should, but then I have to move the cursor to all the dialog boxes, ITS A PAIN EITHER WAY! I also tried a six year old Logitech optical mouse and got the same issues Well I was just going to hit the send button to post this and the VAR called and has found SPR#235034 dealing with Logitech mice not functioning correctly in SWX 2008 and some other unnamed 3D Cad software. CRAP! looks like I'm off to pick up a new mouse, and my hand just got formed to this one after 3 years.


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