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Hey NG, What color do you all use for your model tab background? I use black. What's the best for the least eye strain? Just curious.

Thanks, Chris

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Chris Oestreich
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For display(print) purposes, I find a dull yellow or cyan or gray. It depends on the color(s) of your model. On screen, black background is easiest on the "well seasoned" eyes..

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Except for rare, strange situations, I find black the easiest to look at all day.

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Is being able to read drawings important to you? Suspect dark gray on dark gray is probably nice. Maybe the ambers. Dunno.

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'Totally subjective - and black is all I ever see on AutoCAD stations wherever I go.

I also crank up the contrast to max when I am working. An old habit from when I used to use CRT displays.


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Glenn Ogreenc

I tried white, but the glare was too much. I find black has the least glare.

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JACK Goldstein

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