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I routinely have huge tiff files in my AutoCAD drawings. I work for
engineering company that does subdivision and showing the bit maps behind
layouts is very importune to us. the tiff images are 3' pixels and usually
5000x5000 pixels and usually 75 megs a piece. Now what I want to know your
opinion on which hardware is important on computer to push these cad
drawings around. how to I make it go fast? more memory? faster harddrive?
does and expensive video card help?
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More memory will always help, try to max out your pc. A second harddisk to put the swap file on is also a good help (put it on the second IDE port)
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Lots of RAM is a good start, I doubt it but if you use Win98 then I think it gets flaky if you shove in more than 1Gb of ram. A good graphics card will certainly help with moving around the drawings quickly. One other thing, do the images have to be TIFF files??
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Tim Denning
Half that. It won't hurt anything. It just won't use it.
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I have a 100CDs full of tiff files does make much of a difference?
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most video cards seem to be geared to gaming. is their a video card that works best with CAD?
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