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Using AutoCAD Map version 5 through AutoCAD 2002, I need to create a linetype that would indicate flow direction between manholes on our street projects for the municipality I work for. I know how to do "basic" linetypes within CAD, but I need to create a linetype involving filled arrows, as typically used on dimension leaders. In a nutshell, I'd have a continuous line running from manhole to manhole, with an solid filled arrow every 20' or so...

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Dave St.Onge
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You'll need to create a complex linetype, using a shape for the filled arrows. Since shapes can't be solid filled, you'll have to simulate the effect with closely spaced lines. If the Customization Guide in the HELP system doesn't give you enough information to develop your complex linetype, maybe the Express Tools MKLTYPE and MKSHAPE will help you in your quest. ___

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Paul Turvill

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