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I start doing some work for a company, but they using AutoCAD, and after 15 years of suffering, I jump to heaven of Solidworks... (No offense autoCAD users) and they got they own way to work in Autocad Layers, I'm looking to create all drawings in specific layers.... How can I do that? How can I change the drawings to layers i.e. Center Line, Dimensions, Notes, Ballons .... Please help

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These layers are not necessary while working in SW. If you need them in exported dxf/dwg files, there is a tool for assigning these objects to layers. In the SaveAs dialog box, select dwg (or dxf) as the file type. Then click on the options button. Enable "custom map SolidWorks to DXF/DWG". Clear the box for "don't show mapping on each save". Click ok and save the dwg. SW will then give you the editor for mapping to dxf/dwg, where you can specify which entities belong on which layers, as well as a few other options.

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Dale Dunn

Perform the following search in the SolidWorks help file, Drawings Layers. This will give you all the needed information on how to use layers in SolidWorks.

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Have any of you tried this? I am currently trying to get this to work "correctly" and having great difficulty w/ it. We use a white background in SWs so we are using darker colored lines. When we export to Acad we want to change the line colors so that they are lighter colors, since we use a black background in Acad, and so do the contractors we send the files to. I can get the mapping agent to use export entities to the same layers/colors as they were in SWs, but can not get them to change colors.

As for simplying using layers and exporting them to Acad, do as mentioned above and read the help, but you will find it works almost exactly like Acad layers do once you get everything in place.

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