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In my CAD program you can specify what machine you can apply to a line(s).

Like a cut, bend etc.

And you can see your work with a 3D view as you go along.

This program will export a DXF file and I was wondering -- is the bend information in a DXF file as well? (All I see in my viewer is the complete piece outline with all the holes I need).

I would imagine it has to be right? But typically you wouldn't see the bend lines in a DXF viewer?


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Perhaps the bend lines are on a layer that's not turned on or otherwise not visible in the viewer. The DXF is just a (huge) text file, and the format is public. With a little poking you should be able to determine whether your CAD program exports the bend lines to DXF. In Autocad, I'd first look at the properties of the bend lines in the drawing (for example, which layer they reside on), then open the DXF in Notepad and search for text matching the layer name, linetype, etc.

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Ned Simmons

In my CAD program I can specify which layers are exported to the DXF file.

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Ok thanks.

I may not see it, but from what I understand the information (has to be) there in the file.

I tried the layer(s) menu but I'm probably missing something.

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In autocad the command to use is "list". This is what acad returned in the text window in response to a list inquiry on a skewed line I put on layer SearchFor, linetype - dashed2, color - red.

****************************** Command: list

Select objects: 1 found

Select objects:

LINE Layer: "SearchFor" Space: Model space Color: 1 (red) Linetype: "DASHED2" Handle = 8b from point, X= 12.3316 Y= 12.5615 Z= 0.0000 to point, X= 23.5253 Y= 18.3920 Z= 0.0000 Length = 12.6211, Angle in XY Plane = 28 Delta X = 11.1937, Delta Y = 5.8305, Delta Z = 0.0000


I saved as a dxf and searched the dxf for "searchfor" with Notepad and found this string buried in the file. You'll see that the linetype and layer are named explicitly and the endpoints are specified.


8B 330 1F 100 AcDbEntity 8 SearchFor 6 DASHED2 62 1 100 AcDbLine 10 12.33163163438488 20 12.56150988842169 30 0.0 11 23.5253107690713 21 18.3920099971888 31 0.0 0

Here's the entire dxf spec, but you really shouldn't need it if all you want to do is see whether the lines are exported to dxf.

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On the other hand, can't you just save to dxf, then open the dxf with your CAD program and see if the lines are there?

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Ned Simmons

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