A few questions for the newbie...

I'm new to SolidWorks, and have a few questions.
1. Is there a way to have view labels appear (i.e. TOP VIEW, FRONT
VIEW, etc.) appear automatically? Or at least some editable label?
Inventor gives you VIEW 1, VIEW 2, etc. and allows you to edit it.
2. I know you can "Save as" to a .dwg or dxf file, and it gives you
the entire drawing (borders, all views, dims, notes). Is there a way
to export/save a single view only? I'd like to be able to save out my
flat patterns only as .dxf or .dwg. How can I do that without a lot
of work?
3. In reference to question #2--I'd like to map certain linetypes to
certain colors in the .dxf file. I was easily able to map a geometry
(edge) line to a color, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to map
a bend line to a color. I didn't see an option for "bend line" and
none of the other lines I tried made a difference. Has anyboby had
any luck with this?
4. When adding hole notes, is there a variable available that will
give you the hole count (essentially count the number of points in the
hole sketch)?
That's it for now. Many more to come. Thanks in advance...
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Brian Mears
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Nope. The closest you can get is view arrows and the associated labels.
You can copy and paste drawing views. Paste one into a blank drawing, then export from there.
I dunno.
You'll need 2004 to do this.
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Dale Dunn
for no.3 if you make a layer and trace the bend lines onto it- shouldn't take long for a few lines- and then hide the original bend lines from the FM flat pattern you should have what you want?
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2. Create a new sheet in the drawing named DXF or whatever you like. Create your flat pattern view only on this sheet. Export dxf.
3. Select the bend lines and click the "convert entities" button. You can then hide the bend lines and change the newly created lines to whatever type you like.
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Bruce Wirkkala

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