Output of SW drawings to Colour Acad drawings or colour output of SW plots

I would like to be able to have my SW drawings in colour ( plot as the
colours that the parts / assys are ) like autocad does. I know I can
change views in a drawing to rendered, but I'm looking for coloured
line drawings instead. I'm thinking it's something like colour mapping,
but I want something API that I can have running in the background that
will make those prints come out in colour when I require it for better
clarity on a plan view.
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You need to use a map file. Creating a map file allows you to assign entity types to export in defined autocad layers with defined colors. Once you create and save your map file you can set it to be used everytime you save a dxf or dwg.
The map file is accessed in the dxf/dwg saveas dialogue.
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