SW2006 drawings (section view)

Am I missing something, or is SW showing too many surfaces\faces in
the Aligned Section view? I typically am creating drawings that a
draftsman originally makes by hand, and then I convert them to solid
model, and finally a 2D detail drawing to send to machinst\vendor for
fabrication. The draftsman has been with the company for 40 years and
is up to date with all but the latest (1997?) drafting standards, but
unfortunately it seems to me that SW leaves a lot to be desired when
it comes to being able to duplicate things that someone is drawing by
hand. If it were up to me I'd be relying heavily on 3D views, or just
sending vendors the electronic files of the solid models, but
unfortunately this company, like many out there, uses 2D detail
drawings as the ultimate instruction to vendors from which they make
the parts. Time and again the draftsman will draw some sort of view
or detail or whatever, and swear up and down that it is a legitimate
way of doing it, and it will take me forever, if it can be done at
all, to "cheat" my way thru replicating the pencil drawing. Don't get
me wrong: I am an experienced SW user. I have been using it
professionally for 3 years, have taken every class the VAR provides
with each version (though granted we haven't upgraded yet), and I just
have endless problems when it comes to generating 2D drawings. So
getting back to the reason for this post: when creating a multi-step
section view, it should be like taking a knife and cutting the part in
that fashion and then looking at either the remaining portion or the
cut-off piece from the side, depending on the arrow direction and
first/thrid angle preference. When I actually make the view, however,
I get a view that shows the part sometimes twice as long as the
original because it inserts a perpendicular view of EVERY face created
by every section line segment vertical or HORIZONTAL! you can't tell
me a M.E. put together that feature in SW.
I'll take any and all input one is willing to give on this matter.
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Use the "Section View" command, not the "Aligned Section View".
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