Burning dwg files

Need some help.
I am trying to burn dwg files from acadr14 to a disk. I can get it to burn,
but can't get them to open. I keep getting this message:
AutoCAD Message
This is not a legal filename for AutoCAD. Please choose another file.
Is there anything I can do to open them?
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Doug Wheeler
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Some CD burning software turns off support for long file names or doesn't support long filenames at all. If this is the case you're files are being renamed by the software to a non acad file type. You might wish to rename the files to something containing 8 char . dwg prior to burning.
This is only a guess on my part.
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Try copying them back to your HD before attempting to open them. It's a good rule to *never* attempt opening AutoCAD drawing files directly from a CD, since AutoCAD, by default, likes to write temporary and .bak files to the source folder. ___
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Paul Turvill
Autocad does handle the bak files on cd's just fine. If memory serves they will be open as read-only so no bak file is created..
However, Older versions of autocad (R14 and I think even 2000/200i) don't like certain characters in filenames when saved to CD (spaces were one if I remember correctly). I don't beleve there could even be a space in a subdirectory name as well (assuming the drawing was in the subdirectory). Copying the file to the hard drive or removing the offending characters fixes the problem.
Forgive my answer if it's a big vague, it's been quite a while since I've used R14/2000
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Tim Arheit

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