Always opens as blank

Using Acad R13; whenever I double click an autocad drawing from
explorer, Autocad is booting up but not opening the file I clicked. All
I get is a blank page.
Any tips on how to remedy this?
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Try opening AutoCAD, then use File-Open to navigate to the file and open it. It is a bad practice to open a DWG file from Explorer. It will invariably lead to drawing corruption at some point. You are depending on Windows to guess the correct program, initialize and open that program, and then open your drawing. That might work with docs and pictures and web pages, but is a problem with drawing files.
Daryl Stockton
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Daryl - Someone gave you some very bad information. Your statement is incorrect and misleading.
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Yeah, you have been misinformed - to correctly associate file extensions, hold down 'Shift', and right-click on the DWG file - select 'Open with . .' , and when the dialog box comes up, select 'AutoCAD Application', then check the box titled 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file'. Should fix you up
Ivan the Lurker 8-)
John wrote:
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