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Hi all,

I am using pro-e 2001 and i am facing some scaling problems when i convert a pro-e drawing file into AutoCAD file is there any better way to convert pro-e drawings (2D) to AutoCAD without loss of information. Thanks & Regards Sheshadri N

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Hello sir,

Read below please,

shesh wrote:

Hmmm... Its convert data capability is a little more limited although not bad. Consider migrating to Wildfire.

What kind of scaling problems? Polygonal, solid or curve?


Andr=E9 Luiz

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Shesh, If I export DXF from Pro/E 2001, it can be imported into AutoCAD without any scaling problems. I can't think of any special export settings. Dave

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Dave Ignaczak

I have not used 2001 in quite some time, but I think if you "save a copy as..." and choose ACAD, it makes a scaled drawing. That said, the objects themselves are not going to be 1:1 but whatever scale the drawing is, i.e. ProE uses a 1:1 page size (11 x 17, 22 x 34) and fits the views to the drawing.

-- Doug Eicher Global/SFC Valve Corp deicherATglobalsfcDOTcom

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Doug Eicher

The problem that I've heard about is that DXF does not communicate scale information with the vector geometry. So, your drawing has to be at 100% scale in Pro/e to get across to AutoCAD at 100%. The other thing that may not go across is the UM (Unit of Measure). They better be the same from Pro/e to ACAD. And it probably wouldn't hurt if your ACAD format matched your 100% scale Pro/e format. I know this question has been asked and answered here before, but I couldn't find it in the archives. I think the above is pretty close, though.

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David Janes

Dear all,

thank u for your valuable time in replying to my message,

I am using Pro-e 2001 and AutoCAD 2000.

1) My company is not in a position to migrate to WildFire as it involves a lot of expense.

2) Converting to DXF is one of the method. Earlier what i was doing was open the drawing in pro-e then give save as --> then opt for AutoCAD format i.e. .dwg format. The problem what i am facing was when i import the drawing in AutoCAD using any one of the above ways the drawing will be 1:1 in the scale that it has been imported. i.e if 2 holes are seperated by a distance of 75 mm in pro-e in auto CAD it will be 1.47 mm.

3) IF i use scale command then there wont be accurate scaling. At least i need a autoCAD drawing which is accurate upto first decimal digit if not second.

Please do mail me in detail if there is any way

awaiting for the earliest response

Thanks & Regards


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Just a thought ... that comes out suspiciously close to 2x a mm to inch conversion. Are you sure about the units settings in Acad? It would be handy to have a drw you've exported and the import dwg to ponder over if you have a simple example you can let go public.

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Jeff Howard

Ya thats a good idea i vil et in touch back with a drawing which i can let go public

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