Corporate espionage hits PTC

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PTC spokeswoman Nicole Rowe says "I think people are feeling a little = betrayed." Were I the "Product Development Company" whose lifeblood was frantically = and fanatically protected intellectual property, whose stock in trade = was software, I'm absolutely sure, had I an ounce of moral or = intellectual integrity, that I'd be feeling immensely stupid, bovine, = complacent, careless, inept, like a big, fat, juicy plum, ripe for = picking. Imagine, if it was that easy for a fired guy to do it, a fired = foreigner, a fired, hire gun foreigner, how much easier for the trusted, = inner circle. I can't even send and receive ZIP files, the security = software stips off such attachments. The sending of source code from PTC = must be so common that they don't even bother monitoring it. And this is = how you pay.

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David Janes
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Regardless of the amount of security people try & get on their systems, data theft is easy. That's not to say we shouldn't try, but we should remember the first & best line of defence against data theft is a loyal workforce, achieved through a combination of not hiring jerks, and treating those we do hire decently.

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John Wade

ptc has taken the outsourcing approach to software development im not surprised brings the jobs back to US software developers

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