Autocad2000 and Autocad2000 LT

After creating a drawing recently in Acad2000 LT I tried to create a pdf
using Adobe Acrobat 6. That process failed, presumably because Acrobat does
not know about ACAD200LT. So I uninstalled ACAD LT and installed ACAD2000. I
can now create pdf's but everytime I doubleclick to open a dwg file (either
the 'Cannot find the file "C:\full path\filename" (or one of its components).
Make sure that the path and filename are correct and that all required
libraries are available.'
The file opens correctly in spite of the error message and I can view edit
etc. Note that if I open the file by starting Autocad and then selecting
File-> Open I do not get the error message. This suggests that it is an
Explorer problem. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to fix this??
Note that I have uninstalled ACAD2000 as well as Acrobat several times but
to no avail. I am running Win2k on a 933 MHZ P3 with 512MB RAM.
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Computerguy kirjoitti:
here's a link to instructions how to correct your problem:
formatting link
(Will direct you to Autodesk's Knowledgebase)
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Hi Petri,
Thanks a lot, this solved my problem.
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