AutoCAD and Acrobat 6.0 PDF Problem

I just recently upgraded to Adobe Acrobat 6.0 and also using AutoCAD Map 5
and find that now I cannot create PDF files like I used to. What used to
create a PDF file size of around 500kb is now 4.5mb. Also, I'd get an error
of low virtual memory OR out of memory OR the PDF creation process would
flush and end up only with a .log file.
Anyone run into this and is there any fix to this problem?? Any help is
Please reply to this post - no email. Thanks.
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Are you using the distiller of the PDF writer that comes with Acrobat 6.0?
I just spent all day yesterday setting our office up to print PDF files from ACAD2004 using the PDF995 writer and then Acrobat Reader V6.0 to read and print the files and everything works good.
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