Problem converting Arabic text in autocad to pdf

I am using Autocad 2006 with Arabic fonts. I want to convert my
drawing (with Arabic text included) to pdf format. The pdf writer I
used distorts and mangles the Arabic text. Everything else comes out
What am I doing wroing? Or, which pdf writer should I use so that the
Arabic text comes out fine.
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I have just tried a simplified Arabic font (Djerba) in a drawing done in R14. It converted to a good pdf using CutePDF Writer, the font being rendered accurately. Since CutePDF Writer is free, it might be worth trying.
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Thanks, will try it out.
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print fonts as graphics setting in your pdf writer settings. Bigger pdf's but everything prints okay, just slower.
Newer autocad includes print to pdf, but I don't know that it will work better for foreign lamguages.
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