How to install OTF and TTF fonts into AutoCad

Hello everybody,
I have a new set of OTF and TTF Fonts
In Windows XP Pro I have installed these in the usual way.
The fonts are placed in the directory (standard)
C:\Windows\Fonts for example one font with the name: SansaConPro-Normal.otf
All my Windows programs takes advantage of the fonts that there stand.
Except of Autocad 2006/2008
The the question is how can I install this text fonts, so that I use can
these in AutoCad?
Knows someone the installation manner?
Greet and thank in advance.
Theo van Rossum
technical assistant
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As far as I know they should be avilable for use without doing anything.
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As far as I know Autodesk products do not support open type fonts. If you search the knowledge base you will find an older article stating that they did not as far as the 2004 products and older were concerned. I don't know if that has changed, but I had no luck at a client site getting AutoCAD 2007 to recognize OT fonts even though Windows does.
Daryl Stockton
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