One hole straps - hole up or hole down?

When running EMT on a wall parallel to the floor and using one hole straps for support should the hole in the strap be up (above the tubing) or down (below the tubing)? I always thought the hole was supposed to be up. But a lot of electricians have been putting the hole down. Someone told me the listing literature says the hole is supposed to be up.

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Gerald Newton
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I have never seen it specified and I have seen every other one flipped for people who can't make up their mind.

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Here abouts there is an thought that with the screw down it is stronger. Still relies on the clamp and screw to be solidly connect as a unit.

So what do you do when the conduit is vertical?

left or right?

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Actual experience shows that the screw up is stronger. When you pull down on the pipe with the screw down the strap bends where the arch meets the flat part of the strap and the pipe pulls away from the wall. With the screw up the pipe pulls into the wall because the arch of the strap is stronger than the arch to flat part of the strap. This may sound trivial, but believe me it is true. Anytime I see the screw down I know the electrician still has something to learn. The electrician that told me about the listing was a director of an apprenticeship program and electrical administrator that went to work for an electrical supply house and begin reading all the labeling and listing information he could find. Professionals place the screw up!

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Gerald Newton

Neither. Insert the end with the hole *into* the wall to avoid silly questions. :-)

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