Using AutoCad for IC layouts

I'm looking for a CAD system to do layouts on my PC. I currently use
Cadence Virtuoso on a Linux box at work. Capable of handling hundreds
of gigabytes of data. I'll soon be riding the train for 2 hours a day
and would like to have something running on my PC.
I've looked, a little at objectARX, as a way of customization to teach
it the concepts of IC layout.
It is probably much more simpler than an architechs drawing. For my
use I will need to convert to and from gdsii stream files. AutoCad
cannot be used for full designs, but I'm drawing regression data for
rule sets. Most all my thousands of cells are < 20 rectangles. Only
a very small amount of text. I work in .001 UM scale.
I've tried Glade, it has too many problems. Electric Editor is not a
polygon pusher.
I'm trying to justify getting my supervisor to buy me a copy of
AutoCad with objectARX :)
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