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I'm new to this forum and I just got out of High School and need som help. The teacher I use to have wasnt realy much help but I need hel in dragging, in school we used CAD 2002 and I got 2005. In school use to dragg my drawing to the side by clicking and holding on th middle rotating button on the mouse and with this CAD i cant. I nee some help on activating it or something


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It seems to me based upon what you've explained below.. that you are either on the windows desktop.. or in the explorer. Is this the case? If so.. I've never used the middle button although perhaps that's possible.. I'd suggest using the left click button to click-and-hold to drag the drawing over. Drag it over to an icon which represents the application you are using.... in this case Autocad. That should get your file to open.

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Pan/dragging on the middle button is activated by the system variabl MBUTTONPAN set it to 1 (see Help also The middle button in the mouse setup must be activated as middl button

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The dragging is not really dragging, it sounds to me that it was just activating the pan function which has been common on autocad since 2000 or something. It seems to me that he messed with a setting or his computer mouse settings might be screwy, as every out of the box install of autocad i have done since version 2000 has had that feature turned on. but i could be wrong too...

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in the command prompt, right click and go to options. there should seeting under "drafting settings" If everything is in order there you need to reconfigure you mouse through windows control panel

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