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Can someone please tell me how to simply add the zoom extents button
to the default toolbar (next to the other zoom commands) in autocad
2006. I could easily do it in earlier versions of autocad but can't
figure out with this cui.
Thanks in advance,
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Trying to teach someone the CUI interface is too much to explain in a discussion forum. The help files and tutorials in AutoCAD are a decent place to start. Print out the appropriate pages and follow the instructions. Or go to a local book store and buy one of the many books on AutoCAD. A book on 2007 will just as good a learning tool for the CUI as one on 2006. Also search the web for the many AutoCAD blogs. They are a good learning resource. Another good source of information is the Autodesk discussion forum on AutoCAD. In there you will find threads with links to online help that in many cases will have screen shots. The bottom line is the only way to learn it is do find as much info on it as possible and dive in.
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or, for greater productivity, just type "z e "
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or just double-click the wheel on your mouse.
i use that and/or this quick little lisp macro:
;ZOOM EXTENTS (defun c:ZX () (PRINC "\nZoom Extents") (command "zoom" "extents" ) (princ))
however, the advantage of double-clicking the mouse (or the button in your case) is that it's transparent, and won't force you to exit whatever command you are already in. buttons are a waste of drafting space in my opinion.
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I use AC2005. Maybe these directions are no longer valid? Here goes anyway.
"View" "Toolbars" Dialog box "Commands" tab "View" In right-hand window choose "Zoom Extents" Click on icon and drag into toolbar position "Close" out of dialog box
If it works for you, great, if not, I'm sorry I couldn't help.
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