Missing lines in final plot when trying to plot 3D Solids?

When trying to use the PDF Writer driver by Autodesk, I find that the final plot has a number of MISSING lines in the final plot.

These are when I try to plot an ortho view and there are some flat surfaces being seen edge-on. Some of them appear fine. Some have just pieces of the lines with large gaps missing.

I'm not sure what setting might help this.

Any ideas? Is this a problem with Acad? Or is it a problem specific to this driver? I could use a different printer but this would be much more time consuming.

At the very least, is this known and is there a workaround?

Using Acad 2000

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I have NO experience with 3D. I recently started learning ACAD on

2004 & 2008. (Last class was on orthographic projections of the 6 sides of an object and their proper alignment using non printing construction lines on a special construction layer. We mainly worked with the front, right and top sides.) However, I know that with layers you can turn any layer on or off. You can also select whether to plot it or not. Have you checked the settings for all the layers? Are the missing lines mistakenly placed on an invisible layer or one with plotting turned off?

If this seems simplistic just remember this is a newbie asking? ;-)


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Al Patrick

StarMan -

I have this problem sometimes in 2008. Usually, adjusting the scale or the viewing angle a bit has fixed things, but I couldn't tell you why.

This seems to help, too: in the printer Properties dialog, go to Custom Properties > Device and Document Settings > Default Settings and change 'Standard' to 'High-Quality' or 'Press Quality.'



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Bill Gilliss

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