Hidden lines in 3D?

Has anyone come accross a method and/or software that allows hidden line
display of hidden features in 3d models.?? Eg. a slot on a object would
appear has a hidden line when object is viewed from reverse side of same
slot. If such software exists, does it have an adjustable depth plane of
hidden line display.
This is not so much a question than a wish list for such a feature in 3d.
Because in all the BIM apps I've seen thus far, this feature seems missing.
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You mean like Turbocad has?
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Try the command
Depends on which version of AutoCAD you have!
Good Luck John
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Thanks for that tip,
But it meets halfway the answer I need. Because what happens with complex geometries with hidden lines at various depths of fields??? Eg. I want see a hiden line for a hidden feature immediately beyond the viewed object but NOT of features far beyond depth of view.
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