How do I construct a SquareFoot symbol?

For documents, etc. in a MS environment, using WORD 2007, pls, how do I
construct the Square Foot character (square with a forward-leaning slash
through it)?
There must be a way to create this character and place it in one of the
Fonts for both display and print (like maybe a new character to add to the
SYMBOL table).
Any thoughts?
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There's True Type Font editors and builders that can be found once you pull your head out of your gooloo and learn about this thing called Goggle.
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Hit F1 in Word. Get:
About symbols and special characters Symbols and special characters that don't appear on your keyboard can be displayed on your screen and printed. For example, you can insert symbols such as ¼ and ©, special characters such as an em dash (?), ellipsis (?), or nonbreaking space, as well as many international characters such as Ç and ë.
You can insert symbols and characters by using the Symbol dialog box or shortcut keys. You can also use AutoCorrect to automatically replace text you type as symbols.
The types of symbols and characters you can insert depend on the available fonts. For example, some fonts may include fractions (¼), international characters (Ç, ë), and international monetary symbols (£, ¥). The built-in Symbol font includes arrows, bullets, and scientific symbols. You might also have additional symbol fonts, such as Wingdings, which include decorative symbols.
You can quickly insert a recently used symbol by clicking a symbol in the Recently used symbols list in the Symbol dialog box, and you can resize the Symbol dialog box so that you can view more symbols.
I found this on the net:
formatting link
It'll show you the square with the ' in the center top. Google Unicode glyph 23CD symbol. You'll probably get the above url.
Don't ask me how to get it installed in where ever you want it. :-) You used to be able to hit ctrl-alt-### or something like that and get a bunch of odd characters. Where ### represents the number of the symbol. But that goes back to the DOS days???
I tried typing ctrl-alt-23CD inside Word to see what happened. The ctrl-alt are the ctrl and alt keys held down while keying in the other. Each time when the C was typed I had called up the ATI Catalyst Control Center for controlling my video card!! The same thing happened when I tried it in SeaMonkey composing this reply.
WGD wrote:
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Al Patrick
Wayne -
I do this in WordPerfect by using the overstrike feature to superimpose a slash over a box from the extended character set, then superscripting the pair. I then use QuickCorrect to automatically replace " sf " with the superscripted pair.
Surely Word has some similar set of tools, but I use it as little as possible so I don't know where they reside.
WGD wrote:
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Bill Gilliss
This can be done in Word IF you have it checked. Tools > Options > Edit Tab > Check the Overtype block. Haven't tried it just looked it up in Word Help.
Bill Gilliss wrote:
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Al Patrick

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