Control the toolbar button (Enable or Disable)

Hi all!!!
Someone can help me with toolbar? My problem is when i want to enable
or disable my button in my own toolbar, because i have created my own
add-in. And for example i want to disable a button when i open a part
or drawing. Someone know how i can do this?
P.S.: I already look at the example on solidworks web site.
Thanks for your help!
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I have an addin construction example at ("Create SolidWorks addin from macro in VB6 "). The comments in the addin module include explanations of toolbar functionality.
You can grey-out a toolbar using the "ButtonEnableMethod" parameter of "AddToolbarCommand". Write a function that returns 0 if part or drawing and 1 for assembly, and call that function for the enable parameter..
You can also limit a toolbar's availability to certain document types using the "DocumentType" parameter of "AddToolbar4".
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Thank you for your answer but the function enabledifpart don't work in my DLL and i can't debbug it in VB or i don't know how. How can i see if the document in solidworks is part or any other document? With my menu all works very well, but my toolbar is more difficult. I see my toolbar but it's stay always active.
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