Is it possible for a macro to setup a button on a toolbar?

Is it possible to write a macro that will create a button on an
existing toolbar, attach an icon to the button, then assign a macro to
that button? Im trying to find an easy way to setup multiple users
with the same macro toolbar. This would allow me to get them to run
(1) macro to update their toolbar each time I make a new macro.
If this isnt possible, does anyone have any suggestions/solutions?
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SW Monkey
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As far as I know, you can only create menu and toolbar items from an addin. You might be able to create a stub addin that stores a list of macros and titles and then adds each of them to a menu or tool bar. Use one callback for all menu items that calls each item's macro with SldWorks::RunMacro. (SW Monkey) wrote in news:
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