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I have created some programs in MS VB.NET. I would now like to my own
toolbar in SolidWorks wiht my own icons that would execute these programs.
I am some what familiar with the API. Does anybody have any suggestions or
links htat may help.
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Start with this article:
formatting link
explains VB resource files, which is how you store your toolbar bitmap.
======================================================== the following is copied from a recent post: ======================================================== Toolbars are made from bitmaps. Each button is a section of the bitmap (see the API help for bitmap dimensions). i.e. for a small toolbar, each button is 16 pixels wide, so a 2-button toolbar would be 32 x 15 pixels. A large 2-button toolbar would be 44 wide x 22 high.
You need to design large and small toolbars. They are used when options are toggled between large and small icons (under customize in the toolbar menu).
SW does all the dividing and indexing. On the toolbar, the buttons are separated "by the numbers", i.e. button(0) = pixels columns 1-16, button(1)=pixel columns 17-32, etc. on a small toolbar.
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Thanks, I will check it out.
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