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Hi, I was using 2000 on a stand alone installation till my computer died. Then I was put on 2000I on a network. I do use quite a few custom toolbar buttons that I make up. Here is my problem. When ever I make up a new button on

2000I - it shows up on everyones toolbar on the network. Someone always deletes it so when i go for it -its not there. How can i make up the toolbar buttons and have them only show up on my computer? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Bob Daniels
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Bob Daniels Jr
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You need to make a partial menu for yourself. Create it on your own c: drive. Add whatever you want to it and never worry about other users deleting from it. Process..... The easiest way to do this is by copying a previously made menu. Open the file and erase all the junk besides where the toolbars are. Make any modifications you want. In AutoCAD type in Menuload. Load your new menu and whala. Make as many toolbars as you want.

-- Darek D. Watson CAD Manager

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Darek D. Watson

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