Machine start/stop buttons colors

I got a few heavy duty control panel push buttons at the dump. They're
big (1" or so diam), with internal lights. I hooked them up as
START-STOP buttons for my lathe. I used green for START & red for STOP.
I wired them so the "ready" button is lit. I.e, when the machine is
stopped, the START button is lighted & when it's running, the STOP
button is. But it doesn't seem natural. I instinctively reach for the
(dark) START button to stop the lathe & vice versa, sometimes.
Is this the way buttons are usually lighted? (If so I'll learn to use
them that way.) Or opposite. I.e., the STOP button is lighted when the
lathe is stopped & START when it's running. Indicating status/state.
This is gonna drive my crazy unless I get an answer,
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Bob Engelhardt
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