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Is there a way to create a new toolbar within SolidWorks for common
company macros?
-I've asked my VAR who suggested that I simply clear out an existing
toolbar to replace it with my own buttons. I don't see this as a
reasonable suggestion
-I've looked online and only found software that does it temporarial
but requires monetary registration. I'm not interesting in paying for
this fuction, nor having a yet another memory resident program slowing
down my system, telling me what I can do and when.
-I don't have VB or C+ installed on my system, and don't have a lot of
skill with either anyway. However, I wouldn't mind an add-in approach
as a solution.
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I'm pretty sure SolidWorks has an add-in example under the api help section at
formatting link
I believe the example has toolbar creation. You can then use that to base yours. You don't have to download a C or VB IDE, you can just use the VBA program included with solidworks. To launch that do insert -> macro -> new.
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Mr. Who
Oh yeah, your var is correct though. It is waaaaay easier to just empty a toolbar that never gets used or add them all to the macros toolbar.
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Mr. Who
You have to use VB or C because a toolbar requires a DLL, and you can not use VBA to compile a DLL.
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Yeah, that's what I thought. I do have VB Express installed. I'm not good at this stuff, but I'll plug away at it.
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Create SolidWorks addin from macro in VB6
Does VB6 allow you to compile DLL's?
You're probably in over your head. Send up some bubbles when you reach the bottom.
I gave up on the idea of SW API programming for money. Nobody wants to buy anything.
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You aren't the first and won't be the last. I know Stefan Berlitz does it more of a hobby than anything and Phillipe Guglielmetti, who had some really cool stuff, went off to do something else.
It's a shame because Phillipe's idea's could have led the way for a universal file format based in XML that would have allowed for backwards file compatibility amongst the benefits. It would have also could have provided real interoperability for those MCAD systems with real API's.
I'm not certain why this is so, but it is. I've decide to make XMLPropWorks available for free after the beta testers are done because I know that nobody is going to want to buy it.
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