How do I back up Flyouts,Icons?

I have 6 or 7 flyouts that I have made and there are many button-icons on
each of these flyouts that I have created.
I would hate to lose them in the event of a HD crash.
Can anyone tell me how I can save the flyouts I have made and
the associated button-icons?
Also, many of the button-icons I have made call up autolisp routines that I
have made
( I know where the autolisp files are and I know how to back them up ), but
some of the
icons have their own small command routines that I have created and put
there that are directly
associated with the icons. Can anyone tell me where in the AutoCad directory
these files are (and the name)
so I can back them up as well? Other words, when you right click the
button-icon and you get the
button properties box, there is a "Macro" area where the code is placed.
Where in the directory
structure is this code?
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